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Still Truckin'  02/24/15
Truth is, it's harder to put out records by yourself than it is with a team. So far what I've learned is, like so many things in life, it just takes longer than I expected. But as I always say and truly believe, the wait will be worth it in the end. Too little hours in the day prevent me from working on my own music more, and I can only chip away at it little by little. But twenty songs packed with killer riffs, solos, beats, beauty, and insanity are written and recorded… 10 for The Elite's new album, Total Destruction, and 10 for my debut solo album featuring Mr. Andols Herrick behind the kit! Both albums are in the post production process, and yes, have been stuck there for awhile. I know this update is long over due, and I beg for more of your patience as I continue to try and make my way through this gigantic and joyful process of transforming thoughts from my head into sounds for your ears.

Watch & listen to a new version of Chimaira's Cleansation! 11/04/14

Drummer Erik Schultek, vocalist JC Koszewski, and yours truly, recently recorded a section of a Chimaira classic, Cleansation!
The recording was made as part of an educational recording workshop/bootcamp presented by producer Eyal Levi, and hosted right here at my very own, RobArnoldWorld Recording Studio. Students were taught basic and advanced techniques in audio production. At the end of three days, we had produced what you can watch, listen to, and download, by clicking the image to the left.  And if you haven't already, check out this very interesting and informative podcast we made prior to the bootcamp... You can hear about what I've been up to, details about the workshop, and much much more!
<Click here to listen to the podcast>

Wanna hear something crazy?! 07/28/14

Check out this brand new mashup I made featuring The Elite, and Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg!

While we're waiting to complete the new record, we've decided to have some fun with the instrumental version of our new song, "You're not Ready". And you know what?? Maybe you're not ready... But in case you are, please enjoy this classic gangster rap mashup.
Our boy Austin D. has been talking about marrying two great songs like this for as long as I've known him...So I'm glad to have finally made it happen for him! Cheers brother!

Still hard at work
:) 06/25/14

Mr. Andols Herrick and I are still hard at work on our instrumental record, which will be the first of my many solo records to come. Currently I'm recording the remaining guitars and bass for the album, while simultaneously mixing the tracks. After that we'll begin preparing a campaign that will allow us to get our music out into the world! The material is incredible, and the grooves are killer. It will be worth the wait! And thank you for your patience and loyal support!

*Work on The Elite will resume shortly! The album is around 75% complete. Sometimes the last stretch is the longest! Please stay with us and hang tight!

Merry Christmas from The Elite!

Check out a sweet preview of the new album from The Elite!
Tentatively titled, "Total Destruction", the new offering is set to hit sometime next year! Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and spread the word! Join the RobArnoldWorld mailing list to receive an mp3 of the preview via email! Enjoy!


Brand new MUSIC and T-SHIRTS are here from THE ELITE!  Check out the Christmas 2013 album teaser right here! And the long awaited WW3 EP shirts have finally arrived! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming details, and please SPREAD THE WORD!   Download the WW3 EP..

View my crazy collection of tour passes! 10/30/13

 Over the past couple of weeks I've been posting samples of my extensive tour pass collection on my brand new  Facebook Page.  Click on the image to the left to view the collection in its entirety! This collection ranges from the year 2000, all the way up until 2009, and covers all of my touring with Chimaira around the globe. Soon I'll scan and upload the rest of my collection covering 2009-2012. There's bound to be some great ones in there! Enjoy!

Chimaira Live @ the Download Festival 2003 10/25/13

Recently I uploaded some never-before-seen footage of Chimaira performing live at the Download Festival in 2003. Mention of the three-part-series first appeared on my brand new  Facebook Page. Head over there and "Like" it, if ya do!

Click on the image to the right to watch the concert and remember to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to hear about new videos first!

The Peavey 6505+.  How I get my tone... 10/11/13

"Hi Rob, I have a 6505+ and a Mesa 4x12 cabinet.
I wanted to know if you use the rhythm channel or
the lead channel for your main tone? I love the sound
of your riffs, but I just can't seem to dial it in right."

I get a lot of questions about the Peavey 6505 amps… Which channels and settings I use, and really about how it is I get my tone...
So I've gone ahead and described my settings in a brand new article. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Watch me perform the "Until The End Of Time" solo! 08/07/13
 Watch me perform the "Until The End Of Time" solo!

Click the image to the left to see me rock out my latest session solo for the band, "GILO".

You can listen to the song in its entirety below. And don't forget that I'm available to solo over your material too! For more information on that, as well as guitar lessons and much more, click here.

A sweet guest solo I did on an awesome track for the band, GILO!
I was brought on to tear up the fret board on, "Until The End Of Time" by GILO! Give it a listen, and check out their facebook page for more info. GILO Official Facebook Page

Here's a little clip from the new Elite! 06/30/13

Click on the image to the right to see Austin D' capturing some magic.  Hear some of our preliminary tones, and the sweet syncopation we're throwing down!

More content is on the way!!

And keep those West-Birds flying high!!
The Elite vocal sessions were a success! 06/29/13

Well after a long and productive month...
Tj and Austin have returned home to California, and I'll begin mixing all that we've worked on. I still have some solos to write and record, and things are coming along...  slowly but surely... and I promise the wait will be worth it in the end!

And as promised, a short teaser video in on the way! Check back in a day or two to hear some tones!

Hear me rip a solo on a new track from Barry The Mortician!

Right now The Elite are hard at work on our brand new full
length record! Guitars, drums, and bass have been laid down for 10 mind blowing tracks! Yes, your mind will be blown!

TJ is set to lay down the lead vocals when recording resumes in mid-May.  

A release is being planned for later in the year, and brand new Elite t-shirts and other apparel are on the way!

Keep checking back to hear about things as they're happening, And in the meantime, visit The Elite on  Twitter

Click here to find out more about The Elite

Youth Forgotten galore... 04/01/13

Youth Forgotten are days away from album completion!
Singer JC
Koszewski wrapped up his vocal sessions and everything is sounding great!

I've been busy producing and mixing the project, and mastering starts next week! The album sounds fantastic, and the songs are super catchy.

Bassist Jim LaMarca had this to say:

"I'm so excited for the world to hear this record. I'm very happy with how everything came together during the whole process, and I know that people are really going to love what they hear from this new Youth Forgotten shit."

More details, including an expected release date, are imminent.

Check out Youth Forgotten on Facebook

RobArnoldWorld Studio is live! 03/15/13

RobArnoldWorld Studio is up and running! Currently producing & mixing the debut Youth Forgotten full length! (Jim LaMarca)

Work resumes in May on the brand new full length offering from The Elite! Learn more about RobArnoldWorld Studio right here

An awesome surprise! 01/15/13

During the latest Elite session last fall, an awesome group of guys unexpectedly got together! Kevin was in town with Six Feet Under, and Andols dropped by to film some instructional content. Anyway, it was a rare chance for me to be with all three of my drummers simultaneously! Good times ensued! (no, we didn't have the chance to record any music... haha)

From left:
TJ Frost, Rob Arnold, Austin D (from sunny C), Kevin Talley, Andols Herrick
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