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6 Piece Pearl Prestige Session Select Drum
Shell Kit

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This 6 piece Pearl Prestige Session Select kit has a TON of history and nostalgia!
It was first purchased sometime in 2003/2004 for our drummer Ricky Evensand, who used it on numerous US tours, including our 04' run with the mighty Slipknot! Then towards the end of that year, the reigns were taken by the infamous Kevin Talley, who toured with the kit extensively, and also used it to track Chimaira's monstrous "Self Titled" record. Then in 06', the keys to the kit were handed over to original Chimaira drummer, Andols Herrick, who toured the kit briefly before retiring it to the recording studio. There he laid his legendary tracks to our 2007 release, "Resurrection". You can see and hear Andols on the kit during the making of Resurrection, in the videos below!
And to top things off, the kit was used by ex-Chimaira and current Elite/DevilDriver drummer, Austin D'Amond, to record The Elite's upcoming LP, "Total Destruction"!

shells are all maple, and consist of these components:

• (2) 22" kick drums (one is a Masters Custom!)
• (1) 10" rack tom
• (1) 12" rack tom
• (1) 14" rack/floor tom
• (1)
16" floor tom

hile these shells boast an impressive see-thru deep maroon finish, they do show signs of wear and tear from it's lengthy time of service, and like everything on my site, come with the, "item sold AS IS" disclaimer.

But what's important is that these drums SOUND GREAT. This model Pearl has been recognized throughout the industry as a very desirable live and studio instrument. This is a serious kit, with serious tones!

*As an added bonus, you'll also receive a special memorabilia package containing the following items:

(4) Autographed drum heads signed by Andols Herrick & Rob Arnold that were used by Andols to record our upcoming instrumental album!

Custom Chimaira Resurrection bass drum head! Sweet!

(1) Signature series Andols Herrick drum stick! RARE!!

(1) Signature series Ricky Evensand drum stick! ULTRA RARE!!


Shipping charges will be calculated after initial purchase, and will be determined by shipping destination. All shipping correspondence will take place via email.
Local pickup in the Cleveland area would of course be free.

*What you see in the pictures ABOVE is what you get. No additional hardware is included. Although each tom comes with a removable mounting bracket that can be used with any standard kick drum mount boom arm, or attached to a rack system.

ee and hear the kit in great detail in the video below:

See and hear the kit in great detail starting around the 4:00 minute mark in the video below: