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Peavey JSX 120 Watt Guitar Amp
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This is my personal Peavey JSX head that I've used at various times in the studio and on the road. It sounds KILLER, and is extremely versatile. It's a bad ass amp. It has three separate channels (ultra, crunch, & clean), and 120 watts of pure power. There are a couple minor scuffs here and there (VERY minor), and otherwise is in EXCELLENT condition.
Footswitch is included!


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Footswitch included!

Here are some technical specs taken from

Peavey and Joe Satriani set out to create an amplifier that would give the widest range of EQ options and gain structures possible. This amp delivers sounds ranging from the Classic 50 to vintage British to the modern Triple XXX and all tones in between.The versatile and comprehensive control section supplies a master volume pot and independent volume knobs for each of the 3 channels (Ultra, Crunch and Clean). Tone shaping is accomplished through passive controls for Bass, Mid and Treble on the Clean channel, while the Ultra and Crunch channels utilize active low, mid and high controls. The Clean channel is pristine yet warm and is specifically voiced to work well with effects pedals. The Ultra and Crunch channels have gain controls and fat switches to further assist in taming this thunderous tube-powered beast while achieving killer sound. Global resonance and presence knobs increase control of high-end tones, while a noise gate on the Crunch and Ultra channels cuts down on the excess noise generated by running the gain and EQ controls on high settings. Since the gate is fully adjustable, you can really clamp down, leave it slightly open or just turn it off.

Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head Features:

  • 120 watts into 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
  • Four EL34s and four 12AX7s
  • Power amp switchable to use EL34s or 6L6GSs
  • Three footswitchable channels
  • Clean channel: volume, bass, mid, treble
  • Crunch channel: gain and volume, bass, mid, treble EQ and FAT switch
  • Ultra channel: gain and volume, bass, mid, treble EQ and FAT switch
  • Noise gate control for both distortion channels
  • Master volume
  • Footswitchable effects loop with send and return controls
  • Resonance and Presence controls
  • Line out with level control
  • Footswitch included