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The Ultimate Rob Arnold Fan Bundle!
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THIS is the bundle for the ultimate collector. It contains the following special items:

•One of my main touring Peavey 6505+ heads

One of my main touring ESP LTD RA-600's

•One of my classic Metallica Ride The Lightening shirts I performed in every night, for years. 

Here's the story...

This Peavey 6505+ is one of two heads that were always in my touring rack. I'd treat one amp as my "main" for a tour or two, then I'd cycle the backup into the main spot while the other was serviced and retubed. Then after another tour or two, I'd cycle them again, and so on, and so on. So this amp did 50% of the heavy lifting during hundreds of shows all across North America. It's in excellent condition and, it RIPS.

Now for the RA-600. This is a special instrument. Not only because it was part of my personal touring arsenal, but it's unique in the fact that it has a custom chrome EMG 81, and stands out among the rest. It's really sharp. It's in immaculate condition, and looks, sounds, and feels GREAT.

And finally, my classic Ride The Lightening shirt I wore on a nightly basis during the good ol' days. I have two of these, as I'd sport one until it stunk, and then I'd change into the backup until laundry day. But this is my main, and shows the wear and tear of daily abuse. Nothing major though.

The whole package will include a personalized certificate of authenticity from yours truly. :)

I'm often asked to offer items like this to the diehards. And so here it is...
The Ultimate Bundle.
I hope these items can end up in
a loving home.


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Local pickup in the Cleveland area would of course be free.