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Yamaha Guitar Amp Used To Make Chimaira's Pass Out Of Existence!
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This is my Yamaha DG130H amp that was used as part of the guitar tone on Chimaira's Pass Out Of Existence. I also toured with it in the early 2000's. It is in FANTASTIC condition, and sounds GREAT!

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about this particular Yamaha model .
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The MFC MIDI Foot Controller & Expression Pedal Are Also Included!


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Comments from other users on the web-

Finding one of these heads in mint condition... nearly impossible. Well here it is! The 'sleeper' amp of the early 2000s. If you've researched, you'll find that these amps are capable of sculpting some evil and heavy tones. That aside, the clean sounds rival the JC120s and any Fender tube amp out there. And we say this with caution because we are fans of Fender amps! However, where the WOW Factor pays off is in the AUTOMATED controls. That's right!, dial in a custom setting or pre-set, hit the recall button, and all the knobs automatically return to their set position(s).

Looking for the power and tone of a great tube amp, but without the hassles, worries, maintenance, and cost of tubes? The Yamaha DG130H is one of the BEST non-tubes amps there are, and gives you amazing flexibility from super warm clean, to traditional amp breakup, to modern rocking distortion. Fantastic sounding, looking, and operating (yes, the motorized chicken head knobs all work!) 

If you're looking for what is one of the best non-tubes amps ever made, here it is. The Yamaha DG series amps were very highly rated, and for good reason. Whether you're a fan of the classic sounds from Fender, Marshall, Vox, or Mesa-Boogie, or more, this amp can cover just about any style of music, with an authenticity that belies it's solid state nature.

The DG130H provides amazingly warm, breathing tones, whether you're playing it clean, slightly dirty, or full blown raging. Not only will you sound great, but there is something so damn cool about having motorized knobs that all spin to whatever preset you call up. Makes it super easy to tweak and save your sound on the fly, since you can instantly see what your settings are. And since it's a modeling amp, you can get the same, sweet cranked tone, even at bedroom volumes!

If you like it loud, the DG130H is perfect for concert arenas and large venues. You can crank it up with the same killer tones and features as the DG80-112, in a cool 130-Watt Head. You get the same articulate amp models and motorized knobs as the DG80-112, with on-board digital effects that include Tremolo, Chorus, Digital Reverb,Tape Echo and Speaker Simulation. Additional features include 128 Patch Locations, MIDI Effects Control, XLR Output with Speaker Simulation, Effects Send/Return with Blend Control, MIDI IN/OUT, and two extension speaker jacks for connecting external cabinets. Connect this to a Yamaha 4x12 Speaker Cabinet and you've have a combination that will - "blow the roof off!" ?

• 130-Watts

• Motorized Chicken Head Knobs

• 128 Patches

• 8 Amp Types

• Chorus, Delay, Reverb

• XLR Output

• Effects Loop

The MFC MIDI Foot Controller & Expression Pedal Are Also Included!

Here Are The Technical Amp Specifications