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Let me teach YOU how to get there!!
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Online Skype Guitar Lessons
•Private one on one sessions via Skype online
•Beginner to advanced. We'll just assess your ability, and go from there!
We can work in any tuning you like.
We can work on whatever you like; Riffing, soloing, song writing, technique, timing, style...
•We can learn songs from Chimaira, Six Feet Under, The Elite... Whatever you like!
•Take as many lessons as you like. Stop taking lessons whenever you like.
•We can do 1 hour sessions, 2 hours sessions, once a week, twice a week, once a month, whatever!
•Everything will be super relaxed and fun. No pressure, just RESULTS.
Rate is $50 per hour. Payment accepted via Paypal.
When you're ready to begin, email

Other Services
Consultation via Skype! I've "been there, done that". Let me help guide you through your musical journey by sharing my experiences and answering questions to help you "get there" quicker. This service comes naturally with the guitar lessons, but what if you play another instrument, or don't play an instrument at all? I love chatting about music, gear, recording, touring, ect. And if I can help you cut a few corners, or avoid a few mistakes along the way, then Amen. Wondering what steps to take next with your band? Wondering how I did it? Ask away... It just costs $50 an hour.
Payment accepted via Paypal.
When you're ready to begin, email

Guest Solo's. I will play a guest guitar solo on your record... if you invite me! You send me the song(s) and note the times where you'd like the solo(s) to be, and I go to work. I will provide you with a complete stereo reference file with my work mixed in nicely. As well as direct input solo files for re-amping, and printed versions of my tracks and solo tone. The whole package leaves you with plenty of flexibility to best suit your needs. Pricing is determined by many factors, but is generally based on the time I spend writing, recording, and preparing the material for delivery, at $50 an hour. Payment accepted via Paypal.
When you're ready to begin, email

Sample Lessons

Metal Guitar Instructional DVD

If you like what you saw from the videos above, then check out my Rock House Method Instructional DVD.
Packed with tips, tricks, licks, and solo's. I talk a lot about technique and songwriting, and even more about riffing. Each Rock House video Includes a printable lesson tab e-book in PDF format, iPod-ready video, and free lifetime membership to Rock House's online lesson support. Enhance your learning experience with links to other instructors, download backing tracks, access message boards, and much more. You'll connect with a community of musicians around the world learning to play music using The Rock House Method. You can order an autographed copy directly from me for only $29.99 (w/free shipping!) by emailing Or order from for only $24.99

Chimaira Guitar Collection Tablature  Book Vol. 1

Note-for-note guitar transcriptions with tab for 13 tracks off The Impossibility of Reason, Chimaira, Resurrection, and The Infection. Includes: The Flame * Impending Doom * Implements of Destruction * Inside the Horror * Nothing Remains * On Broken Glass * Power Trip * Pure Hatred * Resurrection * Salvation * Secrets of the Dead * Six * The Venom Inside.

HAL LEONARD Publishing Company
- 2010 - Paperback - 180 pages - ISBN 1423487168
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